Same Old Lies

From the album "Broken Biscuits"

High above the city an investment banker weeps.
His true love is leaving – nothing is for keeps
And all he ever wanted – was money enough to burn.
But when the game is over, will he ever learn?

If you can’t be rich - be beautiful.
If you can’t be tough - get wise.
Oh how far can we go - falling for the same old lies?
Falling for the came old lies, falling for the same old lies?

They used to say she was an angel, now no more than a slut.
Collapsing out of nightclubs, showing off all she’s got.
All she ever wanted – was her face all over the news.
But when the game is over, will there be anything left but the booze?

All around the arena, the crowd is going wild.
Another record shattered, but only one athlete smiled.
All he ever wanted – was to be the very best.
But when the games are over – will he even avoid arrest?

Everyone is special in their very own way,
Love is all you need now – to steal an old cliché.
If all you ever wanted was to call somebody dear,
When this song is over, don’t believe all you hear.

Lying in the gutter, another great leader goes down.
Didn’t he used to be someone – a man of high renown?
And all he ever wanted was to tell us all what to do,
But when the game is over – look who’s telling who.

Everyone wants to be a winner. What’s wrong with that? The problem is there can only be one (unless you believe it’s the taking part that counts). What about all the hundreds or thousands of others who weren’t quite good enough? Unfortunately the media aren’t interested in losers. And we feel uncomfortable with all these poor souls who may have struggled for years and then lost. So we accept lies which help us avoid seeing the truth. We help put them on pedestals (and love to see them fall) and pretend they are different. Of course there are many other lies – the worst often being told by the wealthy and powerful to sustain their privileged positions (organised religions and their leaders have pretended special knowledge for thousands of years to maintain power over the uneducated or uninitiated masses).